The SAT® to Change in 2016

Anyone who has ever prepared for the SAT remembers the agony of endless memorization. Students put forth so much effort in memorizing thousands of vocabulary words that they have never seen before test prep and reviewing obscure formulas apparently taught back in 7th grade. The SAT thus has long been criticized for overly placing emphasis on memorization.

To address such concerns, president of College Board announced last February that the test is undergoing a major revision for release in 2015. Without discussing the details, David Coleman proposed an overhaul of the current SAT format for greater practicality, “so that the endless hours students put into practicing for the SAT will be work that’s worth doing.”

He assured that the current structure of Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing will remain the same, while proposing the following changes in topics:

  • Critical Reading

    • Fewer, if at all, obscure vocabulary words to memorize
    • More focus on the commonly used words in academia and in life

  • Math

    • Greater emphasis on proportional reasoning, linear equations, and linear functions

    • Testing the ability to recognize, explain, and apply patterns

  • Writing

    • Emphasis on accurate evidence in essay writing

Recently, it was revealed that the release of the new SAT has been delayed by a year. Further details on the upcoming change will be scarce until the revised version of the PSAT is administered in fall 2015 as a precursor.

The new SAT will only affect the current high school freshman class and below. Those students who want to avoid the shock of the new SAT format should secure a score before 2016 as a cautionary measure.

As the new version of both PSAT and SAT will require a stronger foundation more than ever, it will be wise for students to start preparing as early as possible. Ivy Prep offers tailored test prep courses with extensive practice, as well as subject tutoring to build a lasting foundation and critical insight.

To rise above and beyond, start your preparation today with Ivy Prep. Don’t let tomorrow be tomorrow; call today to schedule an academic consultation.


About Ivy Prep:

For over 10 years, Ivy Prep Learning Center has provided academic enrichment programs with a strong specialty in exam preparation in the Pascack Valley Area. Whether for private high schools or selective universities, our students have seen solid results that led to painless admission and fruitful completion. With a firm belief in balanced growth in all students, Ivy Prep also offers various subject tutoring services that nurture study skills and solidify lasting foundation.

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